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Improving the Client Experience through A.I.

Improving the Client Experience through A.I. According to Forbes, AI technology will account for an estimated 95% of customer interactions by the year 2025, boosting client experience by streamlining the everyday bits of communication so often linked to poor reviews. Far from a flash-in-the-plan trend, today’s artificial intelligence solutions give businesses a chance to leapfrog over the competition by positively impacting brand perception – and the company’s bottom line – with results that will last for years to come.

Creating a Custom Client Experience

To take advantage of technological innovations in a way that honors client individuality, brands need to emphasize AI personalization. By taking in each user’s likes, wants, needs, and even intent, the algorithms behind artificial intelligence “learn” to deliver relevant results in real time. Once that system’s in place, a customer searching your site for a specific insurance product, piece of content or upgraded service to add to their portfolio is exposed to new experiences – thanks to AI – that are as noteworthy as they are valuable.

Using Data to Fine-Tune Marketing Campaigns

Effective marketing campaigns require three things:

  • A comprehensive data-driven strategy
  • The ability to gauge results quickly and repeatedly
  • Agile decision making that reflects of-the-moment metrics

The best AI platforms continuously gather and analyze data to help you come up with new ways to bundle products, recognize and capitalize on trends, and recommend services that speak to each client’s lifestyle and pain points. A combination of third-party data and on-site patterns helps to create a big-picture look at who’s buying what and which items are generating the most profit.

With all this functionality within arm’s reach, you’re just a few clicks away from a more efficient business model that makes phenomenal use of company resources and, perhaps more importantly, gives the customer experience the spotlight it deserves.

Keep Things Simple – and Speedy

When customers are able to quickly find the products and services they need (even if they weren’t previously aware they needed them), they’re more likely to buy. People are busy, and it’s a relief to make a decision without having to debate a plethora of options. AI delivers convenience on a silver platter.

Interested in seeing how an industry leader is helping brands incorporate AI in brilliant new ways? To learn how Youneeq can reimagine your client experience, contact (murray at or call me today at (866) 515-0110 ext. 101 or via our contact page.

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Improving the Client Experience through A.I. - Youneeq - Cookieless AI personalization engine

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