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The single biggest digital marketing audience is anonymous, yet the majority of budget and resources are focused on acquisition and known visitors.


All websites face challenges of understanding their biggest audience segment, anonymous – you don’t know who they are, first-time visitors, allowed cookies, traffic source, or device type.


Safety, privacy and security concerns for websites globally are increasing the number of anonymous users and making it difficult to personalize customer experience to increase conversions. Stricter privacy laws (GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, etc.), new website cookie rules, and with younger demographics using anonymous search (DuckDuckGo) and Incognito mode, are accelerating the anonymous gap.


The anonymous gap:


  • Decreases customer loyalty and brand advocacy.
  • Disconnects between business and its target audience.
  • Doesn’t engage customers, leading to lost revenue.

The single biggest digital marketing audience is anonymous, yet the majority of budget and resources are focused on acquisition and known visitors. Many digital marketers will spend only $0.02 on engaging and converting anonymous visitors for every $1.00 spent on acquisition. Since most online growth will likely come from new, anonymous visitors, this represents an enormous untapped opportunity.

Addressing the anonymous gap is essential for companies to prevent lost revenue and improve customer experience (CX). Approximately half of all website visitors leave without interaction, signifying a potential waste of acquisition resources. The importance of this issue is underlined by the near 50% increase in customer acquisition costs in the last five years.

Youneeq AI offers a solution to this challenge with an AI-powered platform tailored for anonymous users, providing personalization and recommendations. This tool presents an efficient method to bridge the anonymous gap, enhancing profitability, and creating a competitive advantage in various industries, including e-commerce and content marketing.


Turn unknown users into known users without using cookies. With YouneeqAI's advanced AI personalization, you can convert the 95% of unknown website traffic into identifiable users, thereby driving higher conversion and revenue rates. As privacy regulations tighten and third-party cookies face increasing limitations, traditional methods of tracking user behavior and personalizing content have become less efficient.

YouneeqAI revolutionizes this process. We employ sophisticated machine learning algorithms and diverse data sources, facilitating the analysis of user behavior and preferences without the reliance on cookies. This empowers websites to deliver tailor-made experiences to anonymous visitors, personalizing content and recommendations based on their browsing habits, session data, and other available information.

Our technology can significantly increase conversion rates and revenue. As users engage with curated content aligned to their interests, they are more likely to invest time on the website and possibly convert into customers. This enhanced engagement can lead to notable growth in conversions and revenue.

Moreover, YouneeqAI enables websites to understand user behavior and preferences, gathering valuable insights even before the users become identifiable. These insights can be leveraged to refine marketing strategies, optimize content, and amplify user engagement and conversions. With YouneeqAI, we're not just recognizing the unknown, we're transforming it into a resource for your success.

The Anonymous Gap - Youneeq - Cookieless AI personalization engine

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