About Us

Youneeq AI is an artificial intelligence solution

Improves the customer experience (CX) with website personalization and recommendations that can also be used for mobile, video, in-store, point-of-sale (POS), customer service, audio and voice use cases.

Customer experience is the primary battlefield, according to Gartner and Deloitte.

Youneeq AI enables companies to deliver a better customer experience.

Youneeq AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) solution that improves the customer experience (CX) through automated website personalization and recommendations that can also be used for other channels.

Gartner and Deloitte say that today almost every company finds customer experience as their primary battlefield. In fact, spending on customer experience is outpacing most other areas. In the experience economy engagement is key to everything else, especially conversion and revenue. In fact, engagement is the single biggest driver of conversion and revenue.

Youneeq AI uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically capture and analyze behaviour and content to serve the right content to the right person at the right time. This increased relevance is proven to increase engagement, lift conversion rates, and generate higher revenue.

The Youneeq AI personalization engine is automated and is quick and easy to implement. Youneeq AI does not require CRM data or complex customer journeys to work effectively.

Youneeq AI works very well with ecommerce, content marketing and digital publishing across business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) use cases.

Some results from Youneeq AI:


  • 10-50% increased engagement (clicks, product views)
  • 7-25% higher conversion (email signup, add to cart, account creation, loyalty signup)
  • 5-15% more revenue (revenue, revenue per user)

Content Marketing

  • 10–100% increased engagement (clicks, pageviews, time on site)
  • 10-50% higher conversion (articles or products viewed, calls to action, downloads, contact me)
  • 25-100% more monetization opportunities  (store locator, retailer link, quote request)


  • 50–500% increased engagement (clicks, pageviews, time on site)
  • 25-200% higher conversion (articles viewed, calls to action)
  • 25-300% more revenue (ad exchange revenue, native revenue, marketplace revenue)

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The biggest differentiator – and strength – of Youneeq AI is the focus on the anonymous audience.

According to Adobe, 98% of all website visitors are anonymous, making it the largest digital marketing segment. However, industry research shows the majority of digital marketers spend most of their budget on acquisition and most of their time and resources on known visitors and customers already in their customer relationship management (CRM) database.