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Transform digital conversions with YouneeqAI's cookieless AI personalization and empower your online business. Deliver personalized digital experiences, increase engagement, and skyrocket revenue with our cutting-edge, AI-powered platform.


YouneeqAI Cookieless AI-Powered Personalization

YouneeqAI is a cookieless AI platform designed for ecommerce product customization and recommendations. It seamlessly enhances the customer experience without relying on CRM data, intricate user journeys, or cookies. As privacy concerns and data protection measures result in reduced cookie usage and visitor tracking, an increasing portion of the marketing audience will remain anonymous. YouneeqAI addresses this challenge by offering proven AI-powered personalization and recommendations for Shopify and multiple platforms, ensuring an optimal shopping experience for every user.

YouneeqAI Solves The Anonymous Gap

95% of website visitors don’t engage, resulting in significant costs and lost revenue for your online business.


YouneeqAI enhances user engagement, conversion, and revenue without relying on CRM data, complex journeys, or cookies, ensuring a seamless and privacy-focused experience.

  • 98% of all website visitors are anonymous (Adobe).
  • 80% of visitors are more likely to buy from a personalized website.
  • 50% of site visitors will bounce – they leave without doing anything.
  • 43% of visitors to a website go directly to search.
  • 1-5% of visitors will convert.

The Post-Cookie World

Due to increasing safety, privacy and security concerns, laws and initiatives, such as GDPR, CCPA and PIPEDA, have arised to usher in the new age of “privacy-first” advertising to give individuals more control of consumer data collection and usage.


Third-party cookies are phased out by major web browsers, including Google Chrome by the end of 2023, joining Safari and Firefox.


Without third-party cookies, digital businesses will need to find new solutions to gather user data and continue personalizing user experience to optimize conversions – enter YouneeqAI.

Transform Digital Conversions With YouneeqAI's Cookieless AI Personalization

The app does exactly what it promises to do. I also love the pricing structure

Far Out Fab


I like the dynamics of the platform and found it to be quite easy to use. After starting my Shopify store it was one of the first apps I downloaded. Happy to have access to all the benefits of this app software is the best software in its niche. Subscribe to one of their plans and see it for yourself!


Business Owner

YouneeqAI delivered on what they promised.


Philip Tai

YouneeqAI has generated incremental page view growth and improved engagement.

John Crisp

VP New Media

YouneeqAI is a strong channel and development partner. YouneeqAI delivers on its promise to raise revenues and engagement levels for our customers.

Steve Lett

Senior Partner

trusted by The World-leading companies.

Youneeq AI - Ecommerce Product Customization - AI Powered Personalization

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