Enterprises need to engage artificial intelligence personalization

Enterprises that engage Youneeq’s artificial intelligence personalization engine will outperform businesses that don’t engage an A.I.
personalization solution. A.I. personalization is not exclusive to the “big boys” anymore, like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and others.

A.I. is available to any enterprise, small or medium sized web property that has the desire to transform their online business and network.

Gartner research predicts that, “by 2020, 85 percent of customer interactions in retail will be managed by Artificial Intelligence.”

Organizations that commit to transform and innovate will succeed and those that don’t, won’t.

For example, within the Fintech/Insurance industry, there are four main challenges right now:

                         Challenge #1: Resistance to transformative change.
                         Challenge #2: Regulations.
                         Challenge #3: Ideas are not innovative enough.
                         Challenge #4: Lack of urgency.

*Three of the four main issues (1, 3 & 4) are internal pain points.

How people consume and purchase products has changed for good. The next wave of consumers want:

✔︎ Outcomes, not ownership.

✔︎ Personalization, not generalization.

✔︎ Constant real time improvement, not static changes.

Enterprises that cannot overcome these challenges will not attract the next generation of consumers.

To succeed in online business over the next 10 years, there needs to be a commitment from management to overcome the three main internal challenges. Challenge number two is changing on its own and will be less of a factor as time marches on. Unfortunately, the three other challenges are still prevalent in many organizations and will continue to hold companies back until they’re rectified or the company goes out of business.

Murray Galbraith