Youneeq named one of BC’s top Tech companies with highest growth potential

Rocket Builders Names Top Technology Companies To the “Ready to Rocket” lists for 14th Consecutive Year to Highlight Companies with Highest Growth Potential

Its a huge honour to be named two years in a row. I couldn’t be more proud of our technical and business team. Way to go, in no particular order: Rob Wylie, Mike Lally, Mark Walker, Alex Smith, David Bell, Josh Erickson, Mark Pierce and John Walker. Without your drive and dedication we wouldn’t have received this award.

2016 is shaping up to be a great year for Youneeq. Our value prop is getting stronger as we add more first to market features which drive new revenue streams and business models for our customers.  We are also adding new strategic partnerships that will open new revenue streams and business models for us.

Stayed tuned for more exciting news in the coming weeks. One new product we’re launching will be the first of its kind globally.