The single biggest digital marketing audience is Anonymous. You don’t know who they are. They could be first-time visitors, don’t allow cookies, are not logged in, didn’t come from your email link, or are visiting from a new device or browser. On average 97-98% (1) of your website visitors are not known to you and are deemed to be “anonymous”. 


Market research predicts it will get worse with various privacy laws (GDPR, CCPA, etc.), new website cookie rules, and with  many younger demographics using anonymous search (DuckDuckGo) and incognito mode.


Most websites still focus on acquisition and targeting known visitors. Some research has shown that many digital marketers will spend only 2 cents on engaging and converting anonymous visitors for every $1.00 spent on acquisition. And these same companies will dedicate most of their time and resources on their known visitors.


Since most online growth will come from new, anonymous visitors, this represents a big gap.


Welcome to the “Anonymous Gap”! 


The anonymous gap is very expensive. And if you don’t address it there will be large opportunity costs. However, if you do solve itl, you will increase engagement, conversion and revenue, becoming more profitable while developing a competitive differentiator.


According to Gartner, Deloitte and others, customer experience (CX) is the new battlefield for most companies. Therefore, addressing the anonymous gap is important to delivering a better CX. However, with most websites there is a big disconnect as about half of website visitors bounce (2); they will leave the page they arrive on without a click or other activity. That means half your acquisition spend is wasted.


With customer acquisition costs having increased by almost 50% (3) in the last five years, not doing a better job with anonymous website visitors could be both the biggest, and costliest, problem for digital marketers, as well as the best opportunity. Yet, very few marketers or marketing technology solutions are addressing this.


Youneeq AI changes that. Our artificial intelligence-powered personalization and recommendation platform is optimized for the anonymous audience and is the fastest, and most effective, way to address the anonymous gap whether in ecommerce, content marketing or other areas.


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