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Youneeq Roots

Youneeq’s roots began in 1995 when Murray created one of the oldest digital media sites on the Internet, Gameboyz is a video game review site offering up news, reviews and information on the video game industry (check out the original site on the Wayback Machine Murray quickly grew Gameboyz into a global leader and took it public in 1999. After some tumultuous turmoil associated with the dot com industry, Murray was given the opportunity of ownership once again in 2003. His goal was to bring Gameboyz back as a market leader. However, by this time the Internet was saturated with video game review sites and he needed a strong differentiator to achieve this goal. Demographics showed that women made up 40% (and growing) of the video game market, but all the ads and content were geared toward 14 – 35 year old males. Essentially these sites were throwing 40% of their profits down the drain. Murray could see the big data problem looming on the horizon and realized that if he could target content and ads to the individual in real time, Gameboyz would be an industry leader. He assembled a team and began forging code based on this model, moving beyond Gameboyz and opening the door for a new business that would work for content sites all over the web – Youneeq . They haven’t looked back since.

Youneeq Roots - Youneeq - Cookieless AI personalization engine

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