Embedded (ISV)

Are You An Independent Software Vendor (Isv) And Need To Add Personalization And Ai To Your Platform?

Youneeq AI has a Shopify app and has completed multiple integrations into CMS and publishing platforms.

Our overlay technology is a quick and easy way to add Youneeq AI features and functionality to any software platform delivering content experiences.

What is Youneeq AI Embedded?

Youneeq AI is an AI-Powered Personalization & Recommendation platform for ecommerce, content marketing, digital publishing and other industries where a relevant customer experience is necessary. 

Youneeq AI Embedded extends the stand-alone SaaS solution to other platforms that need to add AI=powered personalization, recommendations and personalized site search to their features and functionality.

Rather than expend the time and expense of building, testing, fixing and launching an in-house AI-based personalization solution Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can “embed” Youneeq AI’s proven features and functionality in their own platforms.

Why build when you can buy?

Youneeq AI Embedded has been proven with a Shopify app which has had 1,000+ downloads with hundreds of Shopify stores using it. Youneeq AI Embedded has also been integrated with multiple content (CMS) and digital publishing platforms.

Partnering with Youneeq will allow you to quickly implement a proven white labelled personalization solution right within your own ecosystem.

Where Youneeq AI Embedded Can Add Value

Ecommerce Platforms

Web Content Management Systems (CMS and WCMS)

Digital Publishing

Point of Sale (POS)

In-store Kiosks

Membership Management Platforms

Customer Service & Customer Success

Ready to get started?

Use Cases

Content Personalization & Recommendations

Product Personalization & Recommendations

Offer & Call to Action Personalization

Video & Podcast Recommendations

User-Generated Content (UGC) Personalization

Personalized Menus & Navigation Items

Landing Page Personalization

AI-Powered Personalized Site Search


AI-Powered Personalization & Recommendations

Automated Execution – Set It & Forget It

Proven Algorithms & Machine Learning

Optimized for Anonymous Visitors

Automated Testing & Real-Time Optimization

Simple Overlays Work With Any Site

Can Handle Any Content That Can Be Indexed

Personalize Offers and Calls to Action