You’ll get an award-winning A.I. personalization engine that is a superior customer acquisition and retention tool. Youneeq is proven to raise revenues and user engagement levels, and improve marketing, customer satisfaction levels, and search engine rankings.

Immediately. Youneeq starts to provide results within seconds.

It only takes minutes. We drop a simple JavaScript onto your site and take it from there.

No! Little to no client side support is needed.

Once Youneeq is installed, Youneeq begins compiling data and analyzing behavior. The Youneeq dashboard provides data driven insight into user behavior and the content driving site users to engage.

All content including the content delivered to web pages such as static documents PDFs, spreadsheets, videos’s, sponsored content, audio, products, merchandise, images, site sections, forms, site interactions, etc. Youneeq can direct any content on the site to an individual based upon their behaviors. Every user see’s different content and no two users see the exact same page. Creating a true one to one experience with every site visitor.

Almost immediately Youneeq has enough data to begin drawing inferences about the specific behaviors engaging users and driving your site objectives. Stated another way, Yq begins to develop an understanding of the common behaviours that lead a user to respond in a desired manner based on your objectives. For instance, if you are running a digital campaign designed to generate leads and encourage site users to fill out a contact form, Youneeq will develop an understanding of the user behaviors resulting in this specific successful user site interaction. This includes navigation, content consumption, time of day, user activity prior to a successful interaction, etc. This process is highly automated requiring no “system adjustment or tweaking” on the part of the company. This ensures site interactions  are delivered in the most efficient manner to ensure success.