How it Works

Youneeq AI is an artificial-intelligence platform for automated personalization and recommendations.

Automatically analyze behaviour and content to match the right content to the right person at the right time

How it Works

Youneeq’s AI automatically captures and analyzes website visitor behaviour historically and in real-time. It also analyzes website content (articles, products, offers, calls to action, instructions/how tos, reviews, videos, etc.).

Proprietary machine learning and algorithms select the best content for each individual visitor, whether it’s the first time they are on a website or they are a returning visitor, customer, or subscriber.

The customer experiences driven by Youneeq AI are proven to increase engagement, conversion and revenue, even for content and pages not powered by Youneeq.

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Youneeq Technology

Captures & Analyzes Behaviour

Analyzes Content

Proven Algorithms & Machine Learning

Predictive Models & Real-Time Personalization

Machine Learning Constantly Learns & Improves

4 Years of AI Training

Youneeq Content

Articles, Blogs & Text Content

Products & Product Details

Offers & Calls to Action

Instructions & How Tos

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