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YouneeqAI's Omni Channel approach will increase Cannabis company's online and in-store revenues.

YouneeqAI delivers personalized product listings, calls to action, audio and video content both online and at the store level. Increasing revenues, conversion rates, and new customer sign-ups.

YouneeqAI's cookieless approach means we sit on the right side of global privacy laws.

YouneeqAI is simple to install and works with most CMS's and ecommerce platforms

Cookieless AI Personalization for Cannabis & Hemp companies


  • Cannabis companies are limited in terms of marketing resources and require a solution to increase their average order amount and user engagement levels at the retail and e-commerce level
  • Budtenders are not enabled to cross-sell or upsell, reducing earning potential
  • Regulations and limitations can create confusion for consumers


  • Youneeq will help Cannabis companies improve their in-store and digital revenues, user experiences, and engagement levels based on POS data, website activity, and information.
  • Youneeq’s AI Personalization will allow budtenders to discuss solutions similar to those they bought, and display, product recommendations, CTA’s, and audio and visual ads specific to their interest when they walk into the store.
  • Reduces confusion so budtenders can spend more time selling.




  • Lost opportunity from website traffic you cannot identify

  • The need to drive more revenue through digital channels
  • Without cookieless tracking, you risk an increasing amount of anonymous visitors you cannot properly engage 
  • High bounce rates and poor engagement


  • Youneeq is an AI-driven personalization that has proven to increase conversion rates up to 25%+ and as well as 5-15% higher revenue for our clients.
  • Youneeq is a cookieless tracking system that offers product, offer, and CTA personalization & recommendations to your audience to effectively increase conversions, even in a cookieless world.

YounneqAI includes a cross-cloud data pipeline that is extensible enough to reliably solve most any data analytics challenge, and has been proven out in one of the most demanding real-world scenarios

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